Health & Wellbeing



London Plan Policy 3.17 (Health and social care facilities) makes clear that relevant development should take into account the Mayor’s Best Practice Guidance on Health Issues in Planning.

Draft London Plan Policy GG3 (Creating a healthy city) makes clear that to improve Londoners’ health and reduce health inequalities, those involved in planning and development must (amongst other things): (B) Promote more active and healthy lifestyles for all Londoners and enable them to make healthy choices and (E)Plan for improved access to green spaces and the provision of new green infrastructure.

CS Policy 12 (Health and environment) makes clear that the Council will encourage development that contributes to an urban and natural environment that enables all Hackney residents regardless of age, family type and ability to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle in which regular physical activity plays a greater role and the physical environment contributes more to tackling childhood obesity.

Policy DM3 states that development in the Borough should promote health and well-being and lists (amongst other things the following measures to ensure this:

(i) ensuring that development is designed to promote physical activity, through appropriate arrangement of buildings and uses, access, open space and landscaping and

(ii) ensuring that supporting infrastructure is in place to support development, such as providing or contributing to open space and child play facilities. The policy also seeks to promote health and well-being, mental health and spiritual well-being by (amongst others things) protecting, increasing and enhancing open space provision, allotments and food growing schemes, biodiversity and nature conservation assets and the provision of improved children’s play facilities.

The loss of the existing raised play and communal areas and the MUGA would significantly reduce opportunities for active play and socialising, contrary to these policies. This would reduce the ability of existing residents to adopt healthy lifestyles to maintain a healthy weight and remain physically and emotionally healthy.