This is what community looks like



2 thoughts on “This is what community looks like

  1. Hi Lincoln Court. I can’t help thinking your position on the reservoir is making you a magnet for market housing development – see Woodberry Down. Save Britannia Leisure Centre is fighting a proposal to use Shoreditch Park for the same purpose (selling the view). See our Facebook page @savebritannialeisurecentre. It looks like your estate was earmarked in the same Hackney Council Site Allocations Plan that earmarked the Britannia site. Good luck – hope you save your play decks and parking facilities.


  2. We suspect that the £££ have a lot with Hackney’s desire to push their proposals through, but more than that, we are coming to the realisation that the council are actually completely indifferent to the views or needs of the existing estate community. Representatives of Lincoln Court met with Hackney Council yesterday, and it is clear from the discussions at this meeting that Hackney have neither assessed, nor particularly care about, the impact of their proposals on the existing residents or community.

    Please could we ask you to sign our petition at the link below, and also forward the link to others who might be able to help?


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